Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Are you missing one or more teeth? If you have lost a tooth due to decay, an accident, or are genetically missing a permanent tooth, do not worry. Your naturally beautiful smile is not lost.Dr. Kederian can provide you with a solution to fill in your missing space. 

There are two options when trying to fill in spaces in the smile.Dr. Kederian can either place a singledental implant in your bone to replace a missing tooth, or she can add a floating tooth with a porcelain fixed bridge to create a full and even smile once again without the need for adental implant

Bridges are used to create a seamless transition between teeth. If a person is missing one or more teeth, this gap can be closed by creating a connection with the adjacent healthy teeth, allowing the open space to be filled with a floating tooth. These floating teeth are known as pontics and are permanently connected to the adjacent teeth withporcelain crowns

The best part aboutDr. Kederian’s fixed bridges is that they are comprised of porcelain, which looks and feels just like a natural tooth.Dr. Kederian can create a bridge that will perfectly match the size, shape, and color of your existing teeth, meaning that the gaps in your smile will be filled with a natural looking tooth.  

IfDr. Kederian determines that a porcelain fixed bridge is right for you, she will begin by preparing the teeth on either side of the gap forcrowns. Once these teeth are prepared,Dr. Kederian will take an impression to send to a dental laboratory and make temporarycrowns while you wait for the bridge to be made. Then,Dr. Kederian will fully analyze your teeth in order to take note of their size, shape, and color. You can return home while your porcelain fixed bridge is being custom-crafted just for you. When the bridge is ready,Dr. Kederian will ask you to return to the dental office and the bridge will be put in place. The new bridge should perfectly match the size, shape, and color of your natural smile. 

If you are looking for a way to correct a gap in your smile,Dr. Kederian would love to talk to you and determine if a porcelain fixed bridge is right for you. Your smile can be complete and full once again, restoring your smile to its natural appearance.


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